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Freestyle Football shows

Freestyle football shows are not only for football lovers, that outstanding show can amaze every spectator.

Thanks to their great passion for freestyle football, Invasion Tricks portray the ball in a completely new light – as the art of making synchronic aerobatics combined with elements of acrobatics, accompanied by great music.

What distinguishes the shows is the artistic spirit of performers, who feature great variety of props and outfits emphasizing the vibe of a particular presentation. That type of shows beef up every kind of event.

Freestyle Football workshops

You wish to master basic football trikcs? Nothing hard – duet Invasion Tricks lead professional workshops on “Freestyle Football” . Age and experience do not matter! Every participant regardless of abilities can be trained to perform attractive tricks with the ball. Such activity is a great way to improve physical condition and familiarity with ball. We give also individual classes.

Product placement and promotion

Every event brings together numbers of spectators, so it is a great opportunity to promote your brand. Invasion Tricks can promote your products/brand during the events by locating it for example on the outfits , banners, etc. An attractive alternative can also be a film clip displaying a brand accompanied by skilled artists from Invasion Tricks.

If you have any ideas how to combine your marketing project with football skills feel free to contact us. We are eager for your suggestions, but can also offer help with planning and organizing such an undertaking.