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Invasion Tricks

The group has been established in 2015 and consists of two freestyle footballers - Daniel Kowal and Dawid Biegun. Until then, each of them worked individually during their many years of adventure with that sport, including performance during Euro 2012 or “Mam Talent” show, where one of the them got popular “three yeses” from the judges.

At the beginning of 2015 they have decided to operate together and from the very beginning they received an offer from the biggest theme park in Poland “Energylandia”. Since April 2015 they were one of the artists of the Park giving performance of their phenomenal skills in Theaters and Amphitheaters on site.

Their freestyle football performance was a big spectacle and enjoyed popularity – during 2 seasons shows where watched by more than a million people and were showcased more than 1000 times. Additionally, they had the pleasure to take part in music festivals and give performance on the same stage together with Bajm, Sylwia Grzeszczak & Liber, Ewa Farna, Kamil Bednarek, Kombi, After Party, Boys, Boney M and many others.

Invasion tricks

Dawid Biegun

Has been training since October 2006 and is regarded to be one of the best freestylers in Poland as well as in the world! During his over 10-year career he has been very successful :

  • 3rd place Polish Championships Olkusz 2016
  • 2nd place Polish Cup M1 Warszawa 2016
  • 1st place Polish Cup M1 Zabrze 2016
  • 2nd place Polish Cup M1 final classification
  • 4th place World Championships cat. “Double Routine”

Daniel Kowal

His experience started in July 2007. After a year, he took part in his first Polish Championships, then the results were only better. In 2016 he reached quarter-finals of Polish Championships in Cieszyn. In 2013 Daniel was placed 4th on the World Championships in Prague, cat. Routine, whereas in years 2015 and 2016, he managed to place as runner-up.

  • Vice-champion Polish Championships cat. "Sick three" 2015-2016
  • 4th place World Championships cat. “Double Routine”
  • 4th place World Championships cat. “Double Routine” 2015